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Slingshot Rental Las Vegas

It not easy to decide between renting a motorcycle or a car for your next vacation to the Las Vegas Strip, we get it with all the motorcycle touring and car rental options you have to get around, it’s a hard decision. This is where the Slingshot SL comes into play, why not rent one of our Polaris 3 Wheeler and experience the best of both worlds? Here at Slingshot Rental Las Vegas we have the largest selection of Polaris slingshots to rent on the Las Vegas Strip, NV.

Our car/motorcycle fleet includes the newest top-of-the-line topless Polaris two-seaters out there. From the moment you drive off with your rental to the moment you bring it back, we guarantee an amazing time on the Polaris Roadster. You will get more attention on this street-legal demon then you can imagine. Do not be surprised if this is the reason your trip becomes unforgettable, the amount of pedestrians that will ask you for a ride will be unreal. Like the old saying goes… “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” It’s not everyday that you’re in Vegas and it’s not everyday that you’re behind the wheel of the beautiful Polaris 3 wheel motorcycle. Call us at 702-904-8222 and ask for our daily rental specials.


Slingshot Rental Rates

If you would like to rent a Slingshot motorcycle, here are our current rental rates:

  • Daily Rental Rate – Monday through Sunday: $449 per day
  • Hourly Rate – $99 per hour; check our hourly specials below

Slingshot Rental Specials 

Rent a Slingshot ride for as little as a couple hundred dollars. Don’t forget to take advantage of our great same-day call-in specials! We have last minute availability that we rent for unbelievable pricing we do not even disclose on our website. Call-in now 702-904-8222 and see our last-minute specials. Our current deals are as follows:

  • Weekend Special – Friday through Sunday: $975
  • Four-Hour Special: $198
  • Twelve-Hour Special: $350

Call 702-904-8222 today for same-day rental specials 


 Polaris Slingshot Rental Las Vegas

What’s Included

Many customers want to know exactly what do we include with your hourly or daily slingshot rental price. Below you will find the non-obvious things, seat belts and adrenaline comes standard with all our Slingshot rentals in Las Vegas. Beware: riding our Polaris roadster can be highly addictive, causing you to smile uncontrollably and experience blood-pumping moments.

  • Unlimited miles
  • Fuel on certain packages
  • 2 Water bottles
  • Cockpit Cover for afternoon showers
  • USB cable for iPhone or Android
  • Free car wash of the trike

How to Rent a Slingshot Car

Do you want to rent a Slingshot car–or rent a Slingshot motorcycle? In the state of Nevada, the Polaris Slingshot is classified as a “trimobile.” Meaning, you only need to have a valid driver’s license and do not need to posses a motorcycle endorsement to legally operate this vehicle. Call it how you want, bike, trike, 3-wheeler, motorcycle or the slingshot car; for a few hundred dollars you can take one out for the day or for your whole stay here in Las Vegas.

Now that we covered that, our rental procedure is just as simple. We strive to make your stay here in Nevada fun and stay that way through out. So no need to even get out of your 5 star hotel room, Slingshot Rental Las Vegas will deliver your trike right to the lobby. Fill out our rental agreement in the lobby or fill out our PDF via email before we even get there and be on your way. As long as your hotel is within our free service area you will not be charged for the delivery. Our free delivery area is anywhere from the McCarran International Airport to East Charlton Boulevard, if you are not familiar or sure feel free to call us and find out 702-904-8222


  • Valid Driver License (we except international licenses)
  • Must be 21 years of age or older
  • Must have proof of insurance policy (we can offer you insurance)
  • Refundable security hold of $500 dollars (cash or major credit card)

** Security Deposit may vary depending on background check and credit history when we check your driver license.

Planning your rental ahead of time? Want to make sure we are not all booked when you arrive at the strip? No worries just reserve your slingshot rental days or weeks in advance. All we ask to make your reservation for a later date is a $100 deposit that will be applied towards your Slingshot rental. Although a helmet is not required we do offer helmets if you choose to use one.


Things To Do In Las Vegas

Taking the Polaris 3 wheeled slingshot for a few hours on a tour? Or have it for your whole weekend stay in LV? No matter how long your fun will last we have plenty of things to do in Las Vegas to make sure even your hour rental will be an unforgettable experience. You don’t go on vacation as much as you deserve so make sure not to miss out on any of our scenic motorcycle tours while driving in your rented slingshot. Read along and get a quick introduction to the most memorable spots around here.

Las Vegas Strip – Only have the slingshot for a few hours? Or simply want to jump straight into the gambling and nightlife fun Vegas has to offer? Then this is the famous part of town you want to stay on. Although it’s only a small stretch on South Las Vegas Boulevard in Clark County, NV don’t underestimate it. These few blocks that make up the strip have more things to do then your vacation can handle. From watching the fountains at the Bellagio to taking a trip to the top of the Stratosphere Las Vegas (Vegas World) and every pool party and night club in between; you would need some deep pockets and a few weeks here to explore all the casinos and restaurants in the 4.2 mile stretch.

Valley of Fire State Park

If you rented the slingshot for at least 12 hours we recommend this motorcycle tour. It’s about 58 miles north of the Las Vegas Strip. Being the oldest state park in Nevada, it was designated as the scenic road of Nevada a couple decades ago. Its name comes from the red sandstones you will see on your drive that was created hundreds of millions of years ago. Yes you read right, hundreds of millions of year old stones around since the dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Covering an area that almost feels infinite, you can do anything here from camping to hiking to driving through most of it. If you’re an outdoor person or an adventurous person, this is probably one of the most recommended areas to visit while driving your Slingshot. Might not be the most ideal vehicle to take if your camping because there is only 2 compartments behind each bucket seat to hold at most a backpack or small luggage. Just enough room to fit a couple sleeping bags and some marshmallow smores, if you like to travel light and up for the overnight camps then heck go for it!

Mount Charleston 

As crazy as this might sound, if you’re in Vegas and want to see some snow this is the place to go. Strangely enough this scorching hot desert actually has quite cold regions at times in the year. Drive up Kyle Canyon and experience some curvy and scenic roads full of abysses. This Mountain is another great National park to see nature and wildlife in your slingshot rental.

Hoover Dam

Internationally known as the largest reservoir in the United States, holding lake mead, it is located about 30 miles south of Las Vegas, NV in Boulder City. This concrete arch-gravity dam has a jaw-dropping height of 726 feet, about half the distance of the Stratosphere Las Vegas. If partying on the LV Strip is not the only thing on your mind, take a drive down to the dam and see a masterpiece of art that was built almost 100 years ago.

Make A Rsvp To Rent A Slingshot in Las Vegas

Don’t regret not trying out the Polaris slingshot before heading back to your hometown, which might be filled with snow and cold nights. Most of our customers gamble on this experience and come out winning every time. Have a blast in your slingshot rental here in Las Vegas, Click and Call now 702-904-8222 to make your reservation.

** If you made it this far mention “FREE FUEL ONLINE COUPON” and receive a free tank of gas, meaning you can bring her back empty. So spend your more time in the cockpit of the 3 wheel roaster and less time refueling it!

We are the only Nationwide Polaris Slingshot rental agency with prime locations. From coast to coast, check out our sister company Slingshot Rental Atlanta next time your in Florida.

Slingshot Car Rental Las Vegas

Polaris Slingshot Review and Specs

Where to start, from the sleek fender lip to the slim back tail, the Polaris Slingshot® is truly a one-of-a-kind motorcycle. Although it is classified as a car in very few states it is part of the biker gang. Since its birth in late 2014 for Polaris 60th year anniversary, this 3 wheeled motorcycle has not stopped getting attention. This beast is almost like if it was pulled out of a super-hero movie! It looks like a concept car designed for Batman or Captain America. Designed by Polaris and approved by the Federal Highway Association (FHWA) to be driven in any highway or major road in the whole United States, it sits inches from the ground and screams to grip the asphalt when parked; Being a rebel and holding no space for airbags.

When you start looking into the specs on the Polaris Slingshot SL you start to realize why it screams to be driven. If you look under the hood of our 2016 SL models you will find a GM EcoTec DOHC 16 valve inline-4 aluminum block 2.4-liter engine with port fuel injection; that pushes 173 horsepower and 166 pound-feet of torque. With that kind of power the Polaris 3 wheeled motorcycle will throw you back into your bucket seat. Reaching a top speed of 130 mph we can assure you an adrenaline-pumping ride with non-stop thrill from the second you buckle your seat belt. Not only does it go 0-60 in just 4.6 seconds but 0-100 in just over 12 seconds. Not to mention, surprisingly good MPG average of around 36, which is quite impressive for that kind of power. Enjoy the motorcycle on any of our open-road tours without spending more than $30 dollars on fuel.

Yes we hear you, it sounds fun and a perfect vehicle to take off roads, but its neither meant nor designed for that. The 3 Wheeled Slingshot would not make it a day out in the dessert. Plus, the amount of dust you would stir up into your eyes would not be too pleasant either, leave those joy rides for the movie actors and dare devils. Keep your Slingshot rental within our GPS motorcycle tours and Las Vegas Strip to have an assured safe and fun time.

Ride in the open-cockpit roadster and blast your favorite tunes down the highway while you splatter all the bugs and flies onto the windshield in front of you. Operating one of these is nothing like an Ariel Atom, its wide front frame and weight makes it handle a bit more like a car, but leaves the back end liberal. If you don’t let go off the gas on your turns you might be doing hell-cat burnouts into oncoming traffic. Now, give it the right combination of steering-to-gas and you will hug those corners like if your in the cockpit of a track car. We really hope you enjoy your 5-speed slingshot rental with us here in the Vegas Strip and hearing from your experience afterwards.

Find some additional Slingshot specs below:

Polaris 3 wheeler Slingshot in Nevada 

Vehicle Type:

front-engine, rear-wheel-drive, 0-door, 2-passenger motorcycle roadster

Wheelbase: 105.0 in
Length: 149.6 in
Width: 77.2 in Height: 51.9 in
Curb weight: 1750 lb


145 cu in, 2384 cc
Power: 173 hp @ 6200 rpm
Torque: 166 lb-ft @ 4700 rpm